occupational medicine

HMS Assistance – your employees under our care


  1. Pre-employment medical examinations – also necessary when changing a job position
  2. Periodic health examinations – mandatory before the expiry of the fit for work certificate
  3. Mandatory check-ups – after 30 or more days of your employee’s sick leave


Periodic audit of workplaces – collection of data and assessment of harmful factors and the risk of workplace-related occupational diseases.

We set an individually-agreed date for an audit and provide the conclusions to the personnel department of the company in question.

Cooperation with the OHS Committee – consultation with an occupational medicine specialist upon the implementation of an accident and occupational diseases prevention programme.

Online consultations with our OHS Advisor – possibility of a free consultation regardless of place; especially recommended and convenient for companies.

Examinations are carried out at our own specialist HMS Clinic

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