medical certificates of fitness for offshore work – your health under our care

If you are a seaman, your health is a guarantee of your contract, and you need your medical certificate to work at sea. This is why we are offering permanent monitoring of your medical certificate of fitness for offshore work together with its validity date, so that you are always sure that you are ready for work.

Be under our care 365 days a year, 24h/a day to be sure that you will remain an active and healthy maritime market employee for a long time to come. At sea, you will have access to video consultation with a doctor in an emergency. Our hotline staff will identify the problem and select a specialist for you. You will have a constant access to your examination results via your account at the e-pacjent platform. The account, created solely for you, will be available after you log in. It is safe and consistent with GDPR requirements.

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Contact HMS ASSISTANCE through our hotline or order a visit online.

Inform us what sort of a medical certificate you need,

and we will arrange a visit for you in a specialist clinic.

You will have all your examinations carried out during just one day – together with consultations with specialists.