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We know the specific nature of seamen’s work and the risks involved. This is why we offer examinations for health certificates to the top medical standards, and preventative healthcare taking into account concrete working conditions, so that you can rest assured that your employees are safe and sound.

When you are in need, we shall provide your seamen with fast medical diagnostics and treatment at the HMS Clinic, finalized with a Doctor’s Report. You can contact us via our hotline HMS 24/7. We are always ready to help you.

Our programme ASSISTANCE also covers seamen’s families, so that the men at sea are confident that during their absence at work their dear ones will always find help when they need it.

Covering all your employees with our medical package ensures the continuity of work, decreases the cost of absence and guarantees stability for your company.

Examinations are carried out at our own specialist HMS Clinic

HMS 200


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    JOLA GELLERT (BŁASZAK) tel.: +48 58 742 21 74 fax +48 58 742 21 71
  • Koordynator ds. Rynku Morskiego e-mail: HMS Assistance S.A. ul. Pułaskiego 6, 81-368 Gdynia
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    MAGDA MASNY tel.: +48 691 442 243

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